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The Parrot™ Test Clip Invention was awarded the Gold Medal at the World Faire of Inventions – Brussels 1991. The advantages of the Parrot Clip are an outcome of the Invention’s Novelty – the METAL TIP.



The Parrot Test clip provides 8 major advantages toward the other test probes and clips (alligator clip, one hook clip, two hooks clip etc).
– Accessibility in narrow places (0,5mm – 4mm)
– Low point contact resistance (3mohm – 5mohm)
– Low connection resistance (3mohm – 5 mohm)


- High insulation (300V – 1000 V) IEC1010 CAT III
– High current (5A – 25 A)
– Reliable mechanical connection (metal tip + hook)
– Reliable connection at high temperature (90°C – 160°C)
U.S.A. Patent 5,457,392, European Patents: 0563234

The Metal tip is directly connected to the lead providing low resistance for both measuring methods:
1) Hands-on, direct pointing and
2) Hands-free, double metal connection

PARROT INVENT Clips models have different body and tip sizes to fit needs of  measurement test leads, probes, clips for multimeters, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, DMM, ohmmeters, spectrum analyzers, etc.


Test probes, test leads, SMD test leads based on the Parrot Clip Test Leads Invention provide precise HQ, reliable contact and connections for electrical measurement equipment






  • I like the ability to probe and clip with the same leads. The design makes it easy to probe reasonably small points, even leads on 1.27mm-pitch SOIC packages, at least with the smaller probe.

    - Tom Bruhns, Agilent Technologies
  • Nice gadget. I installed the ground clip on a scope probe – much better than the stupid alligator clips provided.

    - Sam Goldwasser
  • After having received the PARROT CLIP samples at the beginning of November 1997, I gave them for evaluation to the Service Department of the company where I’m employed. All the technicians liked to work with them, especially with the thin (2 mm) type, though the banana plugs could be a little more solid. My test results: same judgement. Fine invention!

    - Reinhard Zwirner
  • I asked for one of the evaluation packages, and received it very promptly. Overall, I like these Parrot clips quite a lot. I think they will be my default probes for my meter from here on out, though I may make some safety mods as suggested above.

    - Tom Bruhns, Hewlett Packard
  • I also got an evaluation pack of the Parrot clips, and found them to be a handy little addition to my bench, for all the reasons an earlier poster mentioned.

    - Paul Marxhausen, University of Nebraska – USA
  • I received 2 similar evaluation packets, one from a local rep and one from Bucharest. We have put the probes to work in the shop. So far, everyone who has used the probes has liked them. I think the concept is very good.

    - Gary Bann
  • The grasp is very good, and the point available for probing is excellent – could penetrate insulation at a pinch. This seems like a nicely executed design.

    - Brian Whatcott